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Kevin B. Hartley is a member of:


SAG-AFTRA:  Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

ACTRA:  Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists 


CAEA:  Canadian Actor’s Equity Association  


In this production, the CAEA Member is appearing with permission of the Canadian Actor's Equity Association without benefit of an Equity contract in this non-union house production. Christmas Present Productions gratefully acknowledges CAEA and the performer for this consideration.


THEATRE (select):  Forever Plaid 1st CND CO. (Smudge/ New Yorker Theatre Follows Latimer Productions), A Christmas Carol, Musical (Ensemble/ Manitoba Theatre Center), A Christmas Carol, Musical (Ensemble/ The Grand Theatre), Toronto Mississippi (Bill/ Port Stanley Summer Festival Theatre), Up The Creek (Vance/ Port Stanley Summer Festival Theatre), Michael Riddler Project (David/ Theatre Centre East, Best Boys Productions), Zebra* (Kenneth Zeller/ Theatre Centre West/ Poor Alex Theatre/ Best Boys Productions), The Store Front (Father O’Gorman/ Follows Latimer Productions, Stage Kids), Step Up (Teacher/ Stage Kids), CHESS The Musical (Gregor/ Applause Applause Productions).   


OTHER THEATRE (select): CHESS The Musical (Anatoly/ London Music Theatre), Annie (Daddy Warbucks). 


TV (select):  How To Die Alone (Disney/ Hulu 2024, in production), Air Crash Investigations/ MAYDAY (Discovery Channel/ Cineflix 2010, and National Geographic/ Cineflix 2024, in production), The Umbrella Academy (Netflix, 2020), Nothing Personal (CanalD/ Cineflix/ Discovery, 2010-11), The Kennedys (ReelzChannel 2011)  


FILM (select):  Traveling Alone** (Bradley Luft, LUFT Films, 1995), Wilderness*** (Dawn Wilkinson, Dog-Eared Productions, 2012), Jack in The Box (Robert DeLeskie, 2015), Dianne (Ron Repke, CTV/ Repke Films, 1996).   


COMMERCIALS (select):  Home Depot (multiple spots), McDonalds, Rogers Home Phone (multiple spots), H&R Block, SunLife, Ontario Lottery Corporation, Wrigley’s Gum, Nestle Crunch Bar, Kmart Canada (multiple spots).   


TRAINING (select): Level E, Second City Improv (Toronto), Sears & Switzer (Toronto), BIG Voice Studios/ Elaine Overholt (Toronto), The Australian Institute for Performing Arts: Pilot Season Master Class Training & Development (Los Angeles), Risa Bramon Garcia (NYC)





*The reading, performance workshop and subsequent extended production run of “ZEBRA” by Best Boys Productions, featuring Kevin B Hartley as “Kenneth Zeller”, won the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Appeal's (now “Community ONE Foundation”) "Right to Privacy Award" and was nominated for an Ontario Government (Pink) Trillium Award for Best (gay subject matter) Play.


 **The producers of the film “TRAVELING ALONE” (1995), featuring Kevin B Hartley were awarded a Governor General of Canada Award for its merits in promoting public safety for women who were “traveling alone” during a period in Canadian history when there was a disturbing level of serial killer murders in south-western Ontario.


*** “Wilderness” (2012) featuring Kevin B. Hartley, produced by Dog-Eared Productions (Penny Eizenga) and Directed Dawn Wilkinson, won a Platinum "Remi Award" for Best Dramatic Original Independent Short at WorldFest Houston (Texas, USA).

When not on stage or in front of cameras, Kevin works as a coach, helping individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations find their way forward through challenging and changing times.

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Additional casting will take place in Summer 2024. Resumes and photos can be set to:

We will not be responding to resume submissions until until spring 2024.

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